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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Vermont Family with Special Needs Child Requests Help

Calling all Guilt-Free readers, especially those in the New England area. A family from Vermont has emailed me, requesting information about homeschooling their special needs child. While I can talk incessantly about homeschooling in general, I am at a serious lack when it comes to the special needs child. This particular case involves a non-verbal, autistic child with a preschool-level mental capacity. This family desperately wants to keep their child at home and to educate her as best they can under their own loving protection. If any of you can give input to this family, here is your chance. The comment box below is ready for you, or you can email me through the link on the left, and I will pass your information along to the family. Thank you so much for helping.

Posted by Carolyn M @ 4:11 PM | 6 comments

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