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Monday, May 9, 2005

Thinking About Next Year?

This is the time when many of you are beginning to think about your next school year. Jenny is prompting me to write a series of articles on the homeschool co-op groups and classes we participated in to give you a few more ideas to think about. While that opens up a vast realm of topic areas, I would like to begin with what you, our readers, want to know first. If you do not currently have a co-op group (but may be interested in starting one), or if your current group would like to expand into holding a large-group class or two, we may be able to offer a few pointers -- such as mistakes we made that you could avoid. So, speak up -- leave your comments or email us. Otherwise, you will be subjected to my rambling from topic to topic and, maybe, eventually covering the one thing you really need to know, if I get there at all. :-)

[For more information on cooperative classes and group activities, visit our Topical Index section on Co-op Groups.]

Posted by Carolyn M @ 11:37 AM | 4 comments

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