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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ideas for Co-op Classes

Here are all the class titles we can remember from our eleven years of homeschooling. I am intentionally not including details, so that you can be creative in structuring your own classes and not just copy my suggestions to paste onto your students. Some of these classes were strictly for K-3rd graders, other classes were obviously for high school students, and a few were made more/less complicated to adapt to all age levels. As always, I will be happy to answer specific questions, but try brainstorming on your own first to see how you would do some of these.

Acids and bases
Alka-seltzer rockets
Aquarium basics
Button materials: scientific testing
Cake decorating
Catering/restaurant management
Central America
Colonial Williamsburg
Concession stand entrepreneurship
CPR training
Creative writing
Drawing basics
Drawing people
English Christmas traditions
First Aid basics
Fun with pasta
George Washington's breakfast
German Christmas traditions
Gym games
Identifying animal tracks
Instrumental band
Jumprope acrobatics
Kite workshop
Liquid measurements
Manners and etiquette
Mystery boxes: the scientific method
Native Americans
Newspaper writing
Novel writing
Poetry writing
Potato prints
Rocks and minerals
Scherenschnitte: precision paper-cutting
Sign language
Slime: solid or liquid
Solar system: relative sizes/distances
Stock market
Story writing/making books
Teamwork exercises
U.S.A. history/geography game
U.S. Presidents history game
Vocal music

[For more information on cooperative classes and group activities, visit our Topical Index section on Co-op Groups.]

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