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GFHS is run by Carolyn Morrison, an 11 year veteran of homeschooling her two children, from leaving public school in the elementary grades through high school graduation and into college.

Whether you have a specific question, want some general advice, or just need a dose of encouragement, Guilt-Free Homeschooling is the place to be! GFHS offers help, comfort, and advice to new or struggling homeschool moms, assuring them that homeschooling can be manageable, successful, guilt-free, and glorifying to God.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New home

Hi, this is Carolyn from Guilt-Free Homeschooling. We have moved from Blogger to WordPress and new hosting. Come see us at Guilt Free homeschooling for homeschooling encouragement, ideas, and support, and be sure to update your bookmarks. You can subscribe to our feed at the new site, too.

PS--If you have followed a link here and were hoping to see a specific post, you can find it at our new location using our Titles Index.  Thanks for reading GFHS, and we'll meet you at our new location!!

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